Pennington Grounds Playground Public Consultation

As many of you know, we have had to close sections of Pennington Grounds Playgrounds due to health and safety concerns.

We would like to invite the community to share their thoughts on what they feel is important to have in their children’s play area.

The two areas that are being redone are the modular play tower in the middle of the sandpit and the zip line above the wood chippings.


We would like to hear the communities views on the following topics:


How important is the sandpit to you and your children? Would you prefer it is kept as a large area with the play equipment, or would you rather a smaller designated sand pit?

Would you prefer a replacement large multi-play tower or multiple smaller pieces of play equipment?

The zip line has been one of the most popular item in the park, is this important to you?


Please follow the link below to submit your answers. Alternatively we have physical forms to you are able to fill out at the council office or you can request a form to be emailed to you.


Pennington Grounds Playground Public Consultation