Butternut squash seedlings ready to be planted out

Allotment plots are available to rent by residents of Southborough and High Brooms situated within our parish boundary.  If you are not sure if you fall within our boundary, you can contact us and we will advise you, or you can find maps of the wards on the What We Do page.

We currently have two allotment sites, Ridgewaye & Yew Tree. Our Ridgewaye Allotment Site (pathway from Oak End Close) is currently full as of April 2024.

However, we still have a few plots available on our Yew Tree site (pathway from Salomon’s Grove). Both sites have a range of sizes, from 2.5 rods – 10 rods. 

The current fee from 1 April 2024 for an allotment is £6.98 per rod per annum.

The fee will increase to £7.81 per rod from 1 April 2025.

If  you would like to join the waiting list or require any further details, please contact the Council Offices:

01892 529176 or email our Office Administrator at: 



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