Holden Pond

Holden Pond

Mother duck and ducklings at side of pond


Holden Pond is situated on the edge of Southborough Common and has been in existence for hundreds of years.   Following the clean-up campaign in November 2006, the pond is now settled and flourishing.  It is teaming with wildlife and the fish have certainly grown since the silt was removed.


Council Members made the decision to close Holden Pond to fishing until further notice.  This decision was made as a result of illegal fishing and abuse of the fish.  In due course, the Town Council intends to embark on a project to de-silt the pond and to work on enriching the environment and wildlife in this area.  Fishing will be prohibited until such time as this project completes.  The decision will be reviewed thereafter.  We know this will be a disappointment to those who were fishing responsibly, however, the situation could not be ignored.  Signs will go up shortly to advise that there is no fishing permitted.

All instances of illegal fishing must be reported to the Town Council and are considered a police matter.  If you cannot reach the Town Council, such as out of hours and at weekends, then please contact Kent Police via the local PCSO James Clubb or by calling the Police Non-Emergency number 101 if you need a more urgent response.

To contact the Town Council please call 01892 529176 or email deputyclerk@southboroughcouncil.co.uk