Southborough Common

Southborough Common


Image of Southborough Common, trees and bench


Southborough Common formed part of the manorial ‘waste’ (a term for unenclosed areas of land) of the manor of South, alias Southborough, a borough within the Norman territory of the Lowy (alias Lowey) of Tonbridge Castle. Before 1066, the area formed one of the dens of the manor of Wrotham, which belonged to the archbishops of Canterbury.  Southborough Town Council own and manage Southborough Common and as such, also retain the associated historical title of the “Lords of the Manor”.

Southborough Common – Historic Landscape & Archaeological Assessment Report 2018

Kent High Weald Partnership look after the Southborough Common Management Plan on behalf of Southborough Town Council.  As part of the Southborough Common Management Plan, Southborough Common has been given its own website from the funds provided by the Heritage Lottery: