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Deputy Town Clerk

Carolyn has lived in Tunbridge Wells most of her life and attended High Brooms Infant School and High Brooms Girls’ Junior School (since demolished), before going on to a local grammar school.  She has spent much of her working life with Southborough Town Council, having started as a temp during her final year at university from 2004 – 2005.   She then returned to the Council full-time in 2008, going from Office Administrator to Deputy Town Clerk in 2009.

After leaving in 2015 to gain wider experience, she re-trained in horticulture due to a passion for plants and nature and is an RHS-trained gardener, having worked freelance and then within plant science for a renowned nursery.  Carolyn returned to the Town Council in September 2020 and was promoted to Deputy Town Clerk once more. She oversees the Open Spaces & Environment Committee and handles most enquiries relating to Town Council-owned green spaces, including issues with trees.  As a result of obtaining a Certificate in Counselling and pursuing studies in psychology, she became passionate about the bereavement service operated by the Town Council and studied burial law.  She oversees cemetery management matters with the Office Administrator.

Passionate about the local area, she would like to engage the Council more with its residents through its online resources and services.