Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches

A memorial bench is a thoughtful way to commemorate a loved one. It’s a place that allows family and friends to reflect on special memories and shared moments.

If you are looking for a way to create a memorial for a loved one, then you can apply to place a memorial bench in our open spaces. The bench can also have a plaque in dedication.

We will not be able to replace the plaque or bench at the end of its life and we do not accept responsibility if a memorial is damaged, vandalised or stolen.

Memorial benches

We accept only one type of a wooden bench through our supplier, Neptune Furniture Stores. We use the Avenue Wood Seat – this has wooden slats and metal arms and legs. Our colour is RAL 6005 (GREEN). The bench comes in 4 sizes and the following two sizing’s are usually the most common: SF43-18 and SF43-21. You can find out more information here:

Putting the bench in place

Installation of the bench is done by our Grounds Staff and there is no fee for this.

Bench removal

If your bench is in a bad condition, damaged or unsafe for public use, we will need to remove it. We will try to contact the family members to let them know and also ask whether they want to donate a replacement bench.

Applying for a memorial bench

For more information, please contact our offices on 01892 529176. Alternatively, please email the Office Administrator at

We do have policies in place for benches and ask that the following form is completed once a location has been decided: Bench Information Form.