Holden Pond – Stage One Improvement Works

18th September 2023 – Stage One Improvement Works at Holden Pond

The Town Council has approved the first stage of works down at Holden Pond to rejuvenate the area and breathe new life into the pond, creating a wildlife haven.  Works are due to commence on Monday 18th September 2023 and our experienced pond contractor will be on site with his operatives throughout the week.

The first stage of works includes the following:

  • Central island to be built using chestnut stakes and hazel rods, fitted with geotextile fabric backing, then backfilled with silt from the pond.  Size and shape dependent on available silt.
  • Formation of approximately 6 new bays around the pond using chestnut and hazel rods, fitted with geotextile fabric and backfilled with silt from the pond.
  • Once the bays have filled and settled, planting of native aquatic flora and oxygenating hogwart to increase the biodiversity and help rebalance the pond, following the local ecosystem destruction caused by the carp fish, which have been removed.
  • Creation of hibernacullums within bays as habitats for newts, toads, frogs, and other small creatures.

This is just the first stage of a long-term management plan down at Holden Pond and the surrounding area.  

Southborough TC Team