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UPDATE 2: Play Area – Pennington Recreation Ground

Friday 22nd April 2022 – UPDATE

Further to our update on Thursday 24th March 2022, we wanted to keep our residents informed at every step of the process and can now relay the timescale in more detail, though further updates will follow when precise dates are known.

As previously set out, we ordered two new pieces of play equipment for Pennington on 8th March 2022.  We ordered the following:

Large, bespoke play unit from Kompan – Works provisionally booked for end of June, awaiting confirmation on item delivery date.


Large, bespoke Kompan unit
Large, bespoke Kompan unit
Large, bespoke Kompan unit
Large, bespoke Kompan unit

City Aerial Runway made by Playdale – Date TBC (this is the largest piece and will be the last to go in, most likely towards the end of Summer, due to parts coming in from Europe).

City Aerial Runway - Playdale
City Aerial Runway – Playdale

We will also be replacing some of the low wooden edging around the sandpit area and putting fresh sand in.  We will be sorting out the wooden edging first, and only placing new sand in once the large, bespoke Kompan piece is in situ.  We hope to have the wooden edging works booked in within the next month.

Subsequent to these two pieces of equipment, we also ordered an additional replacement piece of equipment on 31st March 2022:

Kompan Supernova In-Ground 60cm in Sky Night Blue – Works booked for mid-May


Kompan Supernova (shown here in different colour)
Kompan Supernova (shown here in different colour)

The team here are working as hard and as quickly as we can on this project, but are restricted by product delivery timings – please bear with us.

Thank you for your patience.

Southborough TC Team



Large, bespoke Kompan 23142 Unit – Pennington Park Multi-Play

Kompan Supernova Specification Sheet – In-Ground 60cm in Sky Night Blue